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Passivity-based control of underactuated biped robots within hybrid zero dynamics approach May 2017
Exploiting ankle torque for orbital stabilization in biped robots; a hybrid zero dynamics approach November 2016
Multi-task control of multi-contact manipulators during accidental interactions with robot body October 2015
Design of a virtual acoustic sensor for estimating the radiated sound of cylindrical shells June 2015
Low frequency radiation modes of cylindrical shells based on system spatial decomposition August 2015
Structural Acoustic Sensing for Cylindrical Shells Using Accelerometers February 2015
Compliant control of multi-task multi-contact manipulator October 2015
Modified Fast-SLAM For 2D Mapping And 3D Localization October 2015
Visual servoing with safe interaction using image moments September 2015
Investigation of Dynamics and Control of Robot’ Coordination in Assembling Process November 2014
Dynamic and Control Analysis of two large structures assembling process by two Robot April 2014
Robust Output Feedback Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems October 2014
Adaptive Control of Electrically-Driven Robot Manipulators without Velocity/Current Measurements November 2014
Adaptive Position/Force Control of Robot Manipulators with Force Estimation October 2014
Dynamic Modeling and Slippage Analysis in Object Manipulation by Soft Fingers November 2014
Experimental Study on Task Space Control during Physical Human Robot Interaction October 2014
Impedance control of VToL UAVs with a momentum-based external generalized forces estimator May 2014
Adaptive Feedforward Controller for Active Vibration Control of a Cylindrical Shell Using Piezoelectric Patches December 2014
Observer-Based Impedance Control of Robot Manipulators February 2013
Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of a Spherical Wheeled Robot (Ballbot) February 2013
Control of unmanned Quad-rotor using model based predicting method May 2013
Gyroscopic Stability of Rolling motion of a Spherical Robot February 2013
Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of a Space Tethered Robot System July 2013
Stability Analysis and Resonant Conditions for a Beam Subjected to Moving Particles December 2013
Dynamics of a Tether Connected to an Irregular Shaped Celestial Body October 2012
Null-space Impedance Control with Disturbance Observer October 2012
Using Hilbert Transformation in Modal Parameter Extraction of a Linear Time Periodic System December 2012
Operational Modal Analysis in the Presence of Several Powerful Harmonic Excitations, Rotating Machinery Application December 2012
Multi-priority Impedance Control with Torque Estimation May 2012
Motion Planning for a Multi-Segment Continuum Robot August 2012
On the Planar Motion in The Full Two-Body Problem February 2012
Priority Oriented Adaptive Control of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators May 2012
Invariant Symmetry Modeling of an Observer-based Seaglider August 2012
On the Deployment of a Sub-Satellite in a Space Elevator System October 2012
Global Impedance Control of Dual-Arm Manipulation for Safe Interaction September 2012
Sliding Mode Control of a Novel 6-DOF Parallel Manipulator with Rotary Actuators August 2011
Multi-Priority Control in Redundant Robotic Systems September 2011
GA Based Optimum Design of a PID Controller for a 6-DOF Moving Simulator Parallel Robot with Rotary Actuators May 2011
On-Earth Testbed for Implementation of Attitude Control Laws March 2011
Modal Analysis of a Bridge Using Time Domain Modal Techniques of Linear Time Varying System December 2011
On the Robust Tracking Control of Kinematically Constrained Robot Manipulators March 2011
Designing a Stable Model-Based Fuzzy Controller for a Novel 6-DOF Parallel Manipulator with Rotary Actuators July 2011
Velocity Observer Based Controller Design for Second Order Systems, with Application to Constrained Robotic Systems July 2011
Design, Simulation and Manufacturing of a Tracked Surveillance Unmanned Ground Vehicle December 2010
Augmented Online Point to Point Trajectory Planning, a New Approach in Catching a Moving Object by a Manipulator June 2010
Design of Length Measuring System for Stewart Platform Using New Forward Kinematics Solution December 2010
An Observer-Based State Feedback Controller Design for Robot Manipulators Considering Actuators' Dynamics August 2010
Performance comparison of various navigation guidance methods in interception of a moving object by a serial manipulator considering its kinematic and dynamic limits August 2010
Planar Trajectory Planning for a Tracked Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) May 2010
Identifying a two linked robot with non-symmetrical modified friction and Backlash-flexibility models December 2010
Trajectory Tracking Control of a Planar Constrained Manipulator through a Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Control Approach June 2010
Development of Contact Model and Dynamic Analysis for a Planar Biped Robot May 2009
Design and Implementation of PDC Fuzzy Controller for a 3DOF Parallel Robot May 2009
A Review on Operational Modal Analysis Researches: Classification of Methods and Applications May 2009
Performance Assessment of a Decentralized Controller for Cooperative Manipulators Numerical And Experimental Study March 2009
Final Position and Trajectory Control of an Object on a Distributed Manipulation System March 2009
Fuzzy Control Design for a Two Wheel Inverted Pendulum May 2008
Developing Fast Bipedal Locomotion Method for Inclined Floors September 2008
Mechanical Design and Motion Planning of A Modular Reconfigurable Robot September 2008
Adaptive Control of Object Path Tracking and Finger Tip Slippage in a Multi-Fingered Robotic System August 2008
Adaptive Control of Cooperating Manipulators Considering undesired Slippage May 2008
Dynamics Analysis and Control Synthesis of a Cooperating Manipulators Carrying an Curved Object May 2008
A Semi-Manual Master-Slave Algorithm for Control of Flexible Micro-Macro Manipulators August 2007
Object Slippage Control in a Cooperating Manipulators System May 2007
Optimal Trajectory Planning for Flexible Redundant Cooperative Manipulators August 2007
A New Approach on Dynamic Analysis and Control Synthesis of Object Grasping by Manipulators June 2007
A New approach on Object Slippage Control in a Cooperating Manipulators System September 2007
Adaptive Control of Object Grasping by Manipulators, Considering Slippage in End-Effector August 2007
Coordinated Minimum Time Motion of a Cooperative Multi Manipulator System along a Specified Path with Internal Force Limit August 2007
Two Stage Control of 3DOF Manipulator Grasping an Object with Unknown Maneuver May 2007
A direct Algorithm to Compute Switching Curve for Time Optimal Motion of Cooperative Multi-Manipulators Moving on Specified Path August 2007
Analysis, Design and Manufacturing of Modular Robot May 2007
Effect of squeeze-film damping on the dynamic behavior of circular and rectangular microplates December 2007
Time Optimal Path Planning in the Presence of Obstacle May 2006
Stable Path Planning for Two Legged Robot and Analysis of Effect of Parameters on Robot Stability May 2006
Robust Robot Controller Design Using Joint Position and Velocity Dependent Uncertainty Bound November 2006
Fault Detection and Isolation in Cooperating Manipulators May 2006
An Adaptive Manipulator Controller Based on Force and Parameter Estimation November 2006
Developing a Robot Control Scheme Robust to Uncertain Model Parameters and Unmodeled Dynamics May 2006
Optimal Path Planning in the Presence of Obstacle May 2006
Optimal Path Planning for Flexible Redundant Robot Manipulators November 2005
Maneuverability Analysis of Cooperating Manipulators May 2005
Direct Adaptive Robot Control in the presence of Force Disturbances and Parameter Uncertainties December 2005
Kinematically Optimum Path Planning of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators May 2005
Dynamically Optimum Path Planning of Kinematically Redundant Manipulators May 2005
Design and Manufacturing of a 3DOF Wave Simulator May 2005
A force Estimator Based Algorithm for Robot Control July 2005
Design and Implication of Stable Motion Pattern on Persia Human Robot May 2005
Application of Direct Methods in Optimal Path Planning of Redundant Cooperative Robots October 2004
Actuator Saturation Avoidance in Over-actuated Systems October 2004
Design and Manufacturing of a CNC Machine Tool with Tri-Glide Mechanism May 2004
Three Dimensional Smooth Trajectory Planning Using Realistic Simulation For Humanoid Robot July 2004
Saturation avoidance in Cooperating Manipulators with Redundant Actuators May 2004
Control and real time optimization over-actuated cooperative Manipulators September 2003
Effects of Measuring Systems in Stewart Platform Mechanism May 2003
Optimal path planning of redundant cooperative robots under equality and inequality constraints November 2003
Control and Online Optimization of Cooperating Manipulators with Redundant Actuators May 2003
Kinematics Resolution of Kinematically Redundant Cooperating Manipulators May 2003
Nonlinear Simulation of Galloping on Electricity Power Line May 2003
Nonlinear Control Design for a Electro Hydraulic system Using Feedback Linearization May 2002
Separated Joint Control Design for a 6DOF Flight Simulator May 2002
Galloping Analysis on Electricity Power Line May 2002
Spatial Dynamic Analysis of Multistage Rocket Separation May 1999
Dynamic and Control of Stewart Platform, Part 1: Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis May 1999
Dynamic and Control of Stewart Platform, Part 2: Design of Control System May 1999
Nonlinear Dynamics of Mooring Buoys December 1999
Dynamics Analysis of Discuss Buoy, Part 3: Stability and Dynamic Response Analysis May 1998
Kinematics and Dynamics Analysis and a CTM Control Design for a 3DOF Wave Simulator May 1998
Effects of Measuring System in Wave Simulator Performance May 1998
Analysis of the Dynamic Response and Static Stability of a Discus Buoy with Articulated Keel May 1998
Dynamics Analysis of Discuss Buoy, Part 1: Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics Computation May 1998
Control of Multi-Tethered Satellite System Using Lyapunov’s Stability Theory February 1995
Control of a Chain of Flexible Bodies Using Lyapunov’s Stability Theory August 1995
Dynamic of Low-Tension Spinning Tethers April 1995
Effects of Aerodynamic Lift on the Stability of Tethered Sub-satellite Systems February 1993
Dynamic and Stability of N-Body Tethered Satellite System Subjected to Aerodynamic Forces June 1993
A General Formulation for N-Body Tethered Sub-satellite Systems Dynamics August 1993

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